We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of plastic parts with high technical requirements.

Since Ernst Reiner founded Reiner in 1928 up to good brought in the XXIst century of the actuality, Reiner has transformed of a familiar small enterprise in a company that enjoys the presence in the international stage, that uses the state of the skill-art technology to make sure that it keeps on being a reference point in the manufacture of components of plastic that it gives to the most demanding sectors of the industry, medicine and automotive.

The growth and expansion experienced by the GROUP Reiner has led it to become companies specializing in different sectors and with a global presence.



ISO 13485

The ISO 13485 certificate for the health market is obtained.


Reiner Polska

Building work starts on Reiner Polska.


Reiner Polska

Reiner Polska is set up


Reiner Mexico

Reiner Mexico is set up.

  1. Ernst Reiner comes to Eibar.

  2. Founds the Reiner company in Deba to make celluloid parts.

  3. A fire completely destroys the factory.

  4. The factory is set up again.

  5. Injection machines. Introduces early injection machines which will eventually replace celluloid manufacture.

  6. Until 1960, articles for the toy, cosmetics, and household goods sectors are manufactured.

  7. The company starts to work as an industrial subcontractor.

  8. Blow moulding. The first blow moulding machines are introduced. Bottles and containers are manufactured.

  9. The first parts for the automotive sector are manufactured.

  10. The first parts for home appliances are manufactured.

  11. Technical parts blow moulded to order for clients. Automotive, electrical appliances, other.

  12. ISO 9002.

  13. 75th Anniversary.

  14. New factory opened on Itziar industrial estate.

  15. ISO TS 16949/2002.

  16. Reiner Polska is founded.

  17. The reiner medical división is set up.

  18. The ISO 13485 certificate for the health market is obtained.

  19. Building work starts on Reiner Polska.

  20. Building work ends on Reiner Polska

  21. Reiner Mexico is set up

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